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Add a bit of sunshine to your farms

Tapping on the power of solar for better yields.


Agriculture has been an important part of the development of almost every country. Where the world is advancing in every direction, farming and agriculture have found new grounds for profitability. The usage of solar power had increased up to 50% in 2016 and currently the graph is still moving steadily upwards.

Since sustainable development is the only answer to saving biodiversity, solar farming touted as one of the key solutions, is creating a niche for itself.

The sunshine advantage 

Some of the most basic benefits of solar faming include the energy to power lights, irrigation, motors, machines and transportation along with electrocuted fences around the farms that protect the fields from animals. 

However, it is important that the solar panels installed require is cleaning at regular intervals of time for efficient power generation. 

Benefits in long-term income

Today the government and companies are joining hands for the betterment of the farmers by bringing in contract-based farming. Utility-scale solar development companies take farmlands on rent and establish solar panels on them. The owners of the farmland in return get money, solar power and importantly security of long-term income. 

Solar panels offer easy installation

Investments made on land carries a great gravity; building cafes, shopping malls or factories will not only cost you at the beginning but demolishing or renovating them can take up more money and energy. However, it is a tad different for farms. Solar Panels on the other hand will take up to a week for installation and/or removal. You can always reinstall the equipment where needed. 

Dual Farming and Dual profits

Solar farming and crop farming can go parallel and give you good and dual profits. Growing plants that require the least or no sunlight can be yielded on the farms. Also, growing native plants help in increasing the pollinator population. 

Preventing soil erosion, contributing to biodiversity and holding the water by growing native plants will surely give us more than dual profits. 

A better way of drying your crops

Sun-powered equipment benefits small scale farmers in drying their crops fast, easy and in a better way. Grain driers usually take electricity and time while solar paves the way easily. Apart from the quality of drying it protects the crops from birds, pests and uncertain weather.  

The sun has been a major element in the entire journey of evolution and solar farming is one of the important keys to unlocking the gates of sustainable development. In the near future when the oil reserves will go empty these solar powered farms are going to last longer. There is going to be high returns on the investments tomorrow if solar farming is done today. 
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